Commercial Concrete Construction in Columbus and Central Ohio

Arledge Construction is a total package commercial concrete contractor servicing the Columbus and Central Ohio area. We specialize in
excavation, all types of foundations, poured walls, slab on grade, slab on deck, structural concrete, site walks, paving, curbs and pads. In addition, we offer our clients architectural colored concrete and stamped concrete.

Large Concrete Pours with the New Somero XPS Laser Screed

With the addition of the new Somero XPS Laser Screed Arledge Construction can easily perform large concrete slab requirements for our clients in Columbus and Central Ohio. We can deliver commercial concrete pours on time and on budget!
Somero Laser Screed

"We lay the foundation for the other trades to build on..."

When we say we are a "total package commercial concrete subcontractors" we mean it. We will collaborate with you from the beginning phases of your project to the end. We are prepared to give you a general concrete budget for your project and then refine those numbers as the project moves forward. In addition we can provide competitive pricing of concrete parking lots vs. traditional asphalt. Or, if your project requires we will provide the plan and spec bid you need. Arledge Construction is prepared to perform your place and finish concrete services. Contact Arledge Construction today at 614-732-4258 for all your concrete needs!